Rings and rules of participation


• Delivery of rings: Member countries are reminded that rings must be issued to amateur breeders at the earliest, from October 1 of each year, for all birds. (see "The News" Nº 85 of March 1991). The CD COM has decided that starting in 2016, rings can be issued on September 1 of each year.

• Note: Only the breeder is responsible for the size of the rings.

• Any ring that is distorted, illegible, or too large, will result in disqualification of the exposed subject.

• It is reminded that in order to participate in International COM Exhibitions or in the "Mondial" with birds wearing rings issued by a member country, the exhibitor exhibitor MUST have his main domicile in that country. It is, moreover, specified to the member countries that any infringement will involve the disqualification of all the birds of the violators and sanctions for the organizers.

• “Duo” exhibitors are not recognized during “worlds” and “international exhibitions” organized under the patronage of the C.O.M .. These exhibitors must be refused by the countries concerned.

• In the Worlds, five (5) birds of the same mutation / species will be accepted in each individual class.

• Any infringement noted during said exhibitions will be penalized by disqualification of the birds entered in this way.

Text revised at the CD COM meeting in March 2016 in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal and ratified at Congress COM

Almeria 2017