C.O.M. History

This text was written for a special C.O.M. published during the 50th “MONDIAL” in Ypres, Belgium.

Of course, there are many interesting things to mention about the period of the last fifty years and even the period leading up to the first "World Cup".

All of this information has been noted in an important new document from the C.O.M ..

This edition is available in seven languages ​​so it can be viewed in several countries.

I would like to warmly and wholeheartedly thank author Henk van der Wal and everyone who made it happen. The result is truly unique and proves that our C.O.M. results from a large family.

A special word of thanks goes to our friend Lode Tielens, who entrusted me with his archives containing many important data. He was himself, as a member of C.D.-C.O.M., for a large part, closely linked to the most significant developments. Thanks to this, he was able to establish an additional weight on the facts of the last fifty years.

On behalf of C.D.-C.O.M., I can tell you that we are very proud of the completion of this preview. A lot of work has been done over a period of fifty years and for that, I sincerely want to thank everyone!

For the future, however, there is still a long way to go. We will do it once again all together with a lot of courage!

We dare to count on your support and help!