C.O.M. Presentation

The World Ornithological Confederation is ...

The COM is a worldwide organization, its members consider that ornithology is a great passion which has the merit of contributing not only to the protection of different animal species, by preserving them from certain extinction, but above all of transmitting to new generations. , the memory of our history, our cultures and our traditions.

In the forty affiliated countries, the rule is to show this commitment by providing concrete responses in the ornithological field, by comparing the work of thousands of passionate amateur ornithologists.

This activity also helps to sensitize people who need to be well informed about the role of COM for the benefit of the entire world community. Public opinion must know who uplifts, loves and protects.

This progress does not happen by chance, it is not accidents. they result from a general reflection carried out in accordance with the rules and the spirit of the statutes of the COM, which all its members defend and honor.

This institution stands out above all for its exemplary commitment to young people, education and social progress, emphasizing respect for animal welfare and love for nature, even in the details and the smallest elements that make it up. make up.

Salvatore Cirmi.