International exhibitions C.O.M.

C.O.M. to be observed in order to obtain recognition for so-called "International" exhibitions and competitions

1-Any club wishing to obtain the C.O.M., recognition of the "International" character of its exhibition or competition must make a request via the C.O.M. or national entity of his country. The latter, in case of agreement, will forward the request to the President General of the C.O.M. (copy to the General Secretary C.O.M.). By this agreement, the C.O.M. or national entity, takes responsibility for the dates fixed for the holding of said exhibitions or competitions, and guarantees, in addition to the required foreign judges, the designation of the number of O.M.J. national requirements.

2-The amount of the contribution to the C.O.M. will be 500.00 euros

3-All requests must be in the possession of the C.O.M. no later than December 31 of the year preceding the exhibition or competition. It must also mention the precise dates of the duration of the exhibition or competition: (basketing, judging, opening to the public, official inauguration, closing and removal).

4-The request must also be accompanied by proof of payment to the General Treasurer of the COM (or copy of the bank transfer), in the amount of 500.00 euros, amount due to the COM by the club concerned.

5-After the judgments, the COM Supervisor present, will provide the Organizing Committee with a copy of the show report.

6-All requests will be reported during the Statutory Congress of the C.O.M.

7-The Supervisor, member of the C.O.M. or Executive of the O.M.J., must be present (this only during the judging period) for the purpose of monitoring compliance with these guidelines by the organizers.

8 - The Supervisor only considers the exhibition concerned in the event of a special situation.

9-To allow good participation of the O.M.J. judges, the organizers must ensure a minimum rotation of 50% of foreign judges each year. The Competition Rules for C.O.M. must include the following clarification: "In the event of non-judgment, downgrading or disqualification, no reimbursement will be due to the breeder-exhibitor, the breeders authorize the photography of the subjects on display"

10-The travel expenses of the supervisor (plane, train or car), are chargeable to the COM, the expenses of stay (hotel, meals) will be supported by the organizers. </ p>

11-The clubs will have, in their request, to confirm that they will strictly adhere to the following conditions:

11.1-the participation of breeder-exhibitors from at least 3 member countries of the COM, including the organizing country;

11.2-breeder-exhibitors must be members of clubs and / or federations that are members of the C.O.M .;

11.3-judgments must be made, only, by O.M.J. from at least 3 different countries, including the host country;

11.4 As for the World Cup, no daily allowance is due to the O.M.J. judges

11-5-the list of judges approached by the organizers must be sent to the Secretary O.M.J. no later than August 31 of the current year.

12- The Secretary O.M.J. will confirm to the organizers the quality O.M.J. proposed judges and choice of supervisor;

13-the C.O.M. / O.M.J. must be used;

14- the catalog (prize list) must mention the strain numbers of each breeder and the ring numbers of each registered bird and also the names of the judges who will have made the judgments with, opposite , the name of their country;

15-a registration form and a catalog (prize list) must be sent to the General President of the C.O.M. as well as the Secretary of the O.M.J. as soon as the exhibition or competition is over.

16-Attention is, in particular, drawn to the importance of these requirements. A breach could lead the C.O.M. to refuse, in the future, "International" recognition to the exhibition or competition organized by the club which has not respected the commitments made.

17-The C.O.M. also decided that from that moment each International COM Championship will receive C.O.M. seven COM medals for attribution to participating breeders.

Text revised at the Cd COM meeting in March 2016 in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal and ratified at Congress CO Almeria 2017.